There are tons of How To’s and special guides for brides on their wedding day.  From planning time-lines, to finding your reception venue and scheduling your wedding day.  When it comes to wedding photography tips for brides, I think the folks over at have provided some of the best photography tips for your wedding day.

Have An Engagement Shoot

Taking part in the engagement shoot is the best way to get comfortable with the camera and your photographer.  You will also get a preview of what it is like to work with your photographer and learn their style and know what to expect for your wedding day.  It is the ultimate photography ice breaker.

Think About The Light

You’ve scouted your venue and found the perfect backdrop for your photos, but scenery is not the only component of a pretty picture.  The most dominating factor for beautiful wedding photography is light.

Think about how light changes through the day and how different seasons will affect the over all light for your ceremony and reception.  Later winter months get darker a lot earlier than summer.  Think about where light will be during certain times of the day.

Your photographer should know how to find the best light and place you in it, even in less than ideal surroundings.  One of the first things I do when entering a getting ready room is turn off the lights.  I usually get crazy looks or questions about enough available light, but have faith in your wedding photographer to put you in the best light.

Leave Enough Time

Time is of the essence.  This could not be any more meaningful  than on your wedding day.  The last thing that you want on your mind is the stress of planning down to the minute.

Be sure to leave enough time, with some buffering space in between, to make up for unforeseen factors that may cause a delay in your time-line.  Also, factor in travel time for location to location.

For bridal portraits, I usually recommend two hours of uninterrupted time with the couple. This will allow for plenty of time to create beautiful wedding images with out the stress and rush.

Get Creative

As photographers, we like to have some creative freedom in the interest of creating fun and unique images for you.  This may come down to a matter of trust, but have faith in your wedding photographer and keep an open mind when they are presenting photo ideas.  They have a vision in mind that may not always be easy to see.  Have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment.  If it makes a great photo, then it may be one that you will love for a lifetime.

Feed Them

Here is a statement that some people find hard to believe…  Wedding Photography is very physically taxing.

If you hire your wedding photographer for 10 hours, they will probably be working 12 with travel time and preparing.  Not to mention the small sprints, the constant crouching, bending over, laying down.  It is 8 to 10 hours of being on your feet.  So, throw them a meal, they will greatly appreciate it and won’t fall flat on their face 6 hours in.

Have your venue serve your wedding photographer at the same time you eat.  They need to be ready for all the events ahead and this will keep you on the same schedule.

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