About Me

About Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Dieter Chaney.

What I Wanted To Be:
I wasn’t exactly born with a camera in my hand…

When I was 7, my Grandmother asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. Since Indiana Jones was my favorite hero, I told her I wanted to be an archeologist. She then explained with great interest the life of visiting distant lands and digging up and studying old bones. I remember thinking, she clearly has no idea what an archeologist is.

2 years later she gave me a 35 mm camera she had brought back from a trip. It was a passive camera, no batteries, fixed lens, and I had no idea how to even use it, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I think I used it once on a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo.

My Start:

Through my teen years and 20′s, I always had a strong interest in art and photography, but it wasn’t until 2009 when I met my own wedding photographer that my interests in photography were re-kindled. Until then, my idea of wedding photography had been stiff, camera facing or cheesy poses, with hard direct flash. Whenever someone would mention wedding photography, I would instantly think of the honeymoon suite in Superman II with the pink bear skin rug and a heart shaped bed, but these images were different. These were powerful, emotional and beautifully captured moments of people in love and celebrations they shared with their families. 2 months later, I bought my first dSLR.

My First Wedding:

I really believe the first wedding I captured was a life changing event. It was an emotional day full of friends and family all gathered together to celebrate the love of two people. I seriously nearly cried. There was something about being part of the day that gave me such a positive outlook on life and made me cherish my own friends and family even more. I knew this is the field of photography I really wanted to pursue and it has been my passion ever since.


I live in Los Angeles with my wife and our first child Gumbo, a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog. I am a big fan of cinema and I often look to films as a source of inspiration. I love fantasy, sci-fi, and drama. My wife frequently catches me reading her fashion magazines. I also love to stay in touch with new technology. People would probably describe me as witty and smart. I just call it nerdy while trying to look cool.

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